This page offers a selection of video clips featuring Sri Chinmoy talking about various aspects of meditation and spirituality. In many of these presentations, Sri Chinmoy is meditating and we invite you to sit quietly and meditate with him in whatever way you feel inclined – even if you have never meditated before.

Tiny clouds in a vast blue sky …

A Simple Meditation Exercise

As you are watching a video, your eyes will naturally be open. Keep the gaze relaxed with your eyes half-open and half-closed. Sit in a comfortable position – a chair is fine if you wish and no particular posture is necessary, although you may like to place your hands together in your lap. Just allow the body to be comfortable in a position that it can easily maintain for a few minutes and try to keep the back reasonably straight.
To help keep the mind calm, focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out as calmly as possible but according to your capacity. The tranquil ebb and flow of the breathe will help you to feel peaceful and relaxed. Try to keep the mind as still as possible, and if thoughts come or if external noises disturb you, try to see them as clouds passing through the sky. Notice them and accept that they are there, but at the same time, be detached and let them go. Remain undisturbed like the vast blue sky.

Meditation means

We begin our video page with Meditation-Silence – a series of short video clips created by Sri Chinmoy's students, each of which ends with Sri Chinmoy meditating for a minute or so. You will see that there is a full screen button on each video.



Sri Chinmoy On The ABCs Of Meditation

In this collage of meditation, aphorisms and answers to questions, we invite you to meditate with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. While he meditates in silence, various meditation basics are explained – breathing, eyes half-open, keeping the mind free of thoughts and the use of visual objects such as a flower.
We can then join the meditation while trying to make our mind calm and tranquil for as long as possible. It may be very useful to focus on Sri Chinmoy's meditative expression as it will to keep your mind from wandering.

Sri Chinmoy Explains Meditation For Beginners

In this excerpt from an interview with Kevin McCabe of Westchester Newsline in the 1980's, Sri Chinmoy explains the value of silencing the mind, getting started with meditation and how to bring light to the mind from the spiritual heart.

Sri Chinmoy Talks About Various Aspects Of Meditation

In this video clip we hear Sri Chinmoy speaking about the value of meditation, at what time of the day it is best to meditate, if a teacher is absolutely necessary, how to increase our capacities through meditation, and other topics.
This video is an excerpt from the 1980's television programme Psychic Channels which was co-hosted by Joel Martin and George Anderson.

Sri Chinmoy Talks About The Mind And The Heart

In this second excerpt from the Westchester Newsline interview, Sri Chinmoy talks about the mind and the spiritual heart, and his reasons for being optimistic about the future.

Sri Chinmoy Talks About The Role Of The Heart

In this excerpt from a television interview at the University of Vermont in the 1970's, Sri Chinmoy describes how living in the spiritual heart can make a positive and progressive difference in our daily life.

Sri Chinmoy Speaks On Prayer And Meditation

During a TV interview with Monsignor Tom Hartman (Father Tom), at Annam Brahma vegetarian restaurant in Queens, New York, and a lecture in Oslo, Norway, Sri Chinmoy talks about the role of prayer and meditation, and what they each represent in the spiritual sense.

Sri Chinmoy Speaks About Silence, Devotion And Service

In this video clip, Sri Chinmoy explains how an aspirant can take a variety of approaches, such as controlling thoughts, devotion and service, to reaching the ultimate Goal .

Sri Chinmoy Speaks About Meditation, Concentration And Imagination

In this video, Sri Chinmoy first answers questions regarding the receptivity of Westerners to meditation practices and his own early training, and talks about the relationship between concentration, meditation and contemplation. He also comments on the importance of imagination in our meditation practice and shares an imagination exercise that can be used in meditation.


Sri Chinmoy Speaks About Music and Meditation

During a press conference in Stockholm prior to his offering two peace concerts in October of 1990, Sri Chinmoy fielded questions from local journalists. In this excerpt he speaks about the relationship between music and meditation with a view to how such activities can help to establish harmony, peace and oneness in the world-family.

Sri Chinmoy Meditates and Plays Flute

This video contains excerpts of Sri Chinmoy meditating and playing the flute during his Peace Concert at the University of Malta on December 20, 1991. The concert was dedicated to President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Sri Chinmoy at the Parliament of World's Religions Barcelona

In 2004 Sri Chinmoy was invited to offer the opening meditation at the Parliament of the World's Religions in Barcelona, Spain, on July 7th, for which some five thousand people were present. After the silent meditation Sri Chinmoy performed his own compositions on his most cherished musical instrument, the Indian esraj.

Sri Chinmoy Meditates While His Students Sing

In this video clip Sri Chinmoy meditates while his students sing his longest song, Dyulok Chariye Nara Narayan, which is fifty-four stanzas long. During his lifetime (he started writing songs in his teens), Sri Chinmoy created over 21,000 songs. Around 13,000 are in his native Bengali and the rest are predominantly in English.


Meditation with Sri Chinmoy

In this video clip, Sri Chinmoy meditates during a function with his students in April 1992 at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Queens, New York.

Silent Meditation with Sri Chinmoy

This video footage of Sri Chinmoy meditating in silence was filmed at an Indian community in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in January of 1996.

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy: Part 3

In these 1995 video clips of Sri Chinmoy meditating, his eyes can be seen to flicker back and forth quite rapidly at times. Sri Chinmoy once commented that this rapid eye movement is the result of his inner being (the soul) moving between different planes of consciousness. Similar phenomenon has been documented in the lives of other spiritual figures such as Sri Ramakrishna who lived in Bengal, India, in the nineteenth century.

Early Years: Sri Chinmoy Meditating In The 1970s

This powerful yet tranquil sequence shows Sri Chinmoy meditating at his home in Queens, New York, in the early 1970s.
It is excerpted from a one hour documentary called A Day in the Life of Sri Chinmoy – a 16mm film featuring the early activities of the spiritual Master that covers his artwork, private meditations and much more.

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CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY – a journey from inner peace to outer strength.

In 1986, hampered by leg injuries and not able to continue with his beloved running, Sri Chinmoy took up weightlifting to demonstrate that the inner peace gained by regular prayer and meditation was no barrier to physical strength and outer accomplishment. In transcending his own limitations, Sri Chinmoy derived tremendous satisfaction and felt that his achievements would also inspire others.

An award winning documentary, Challenging Impossibility illustrates that one should never give up; that we can write and rewrite our history through inspired enthusiasm and a faith in our inmost capacities.

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